Resources & Facilities

Office Space

MULTI’s head office is located at Kopundol, Lalitpur, Kathmandu. The premise comprises of 3000 sqm. of fully furnished office space including library and meeting hall. The firm possesses full range of equipment and facilities required for a modern consulting office and is equipped with adequate reprographic facilities. MULTI operates several project offices for its different projects and are located at various places in Kathmandu and others places in the country.

Computer System

MULTI introduced computers in its operation in 1981. Most of the professionals and support staff are computer literates. At present the Company possess more than 30 desktop computers along with printers, plotters and power backup systems. All computers are connected in a Local Area Network (LAN). The company has been utilizing following software packages:

Word Processors· Spread Sheets· Database· Statistical Packages· Programming Languages· Pipe design · Topographic Survey programs· Structural Design· Hydrological Programs· Design programs· Graphic Packages· Project Management · Accounting· Auto-Cad· Windows.

MULTI has established a sister concern “MULTI Software (P) Ltd.” to cater the vast scope in Information Technology, Data Processing and Software Development required for the domestic and International market, and application of Geographical Information System including Development of Hydrological Information System.

The Company has developed programmes for cost estimates and rate analysis useful for infrastructural development and corporate planning of utility service.

Survey Equipment and Logistics

The Company has adequate numbers of surveying equipment including levels and theodolites with other survey accessories and camping gears. Electronic Distance Measuring Instrument (EDM) are used wherever required.

Laboratory Facilities

MULTI has established a sister concern “MULTI Lab (P) Ltd.” a company equipped to deal with soil exploration, material investigation and testing, and quality certification of Engineering products. MULTI Lab (P) Ltd. has ready access to the drilling companies capable to carry out complex exploratory investigations.

MULTI Pharmaceutical Laboratories (P) Ltd. is another sister company of MULTI and is dedicated in quality and analytical research of Food, Cosmetics, Drugs, Water and Wastewater. The lab has very comprehensive laboratory facilities including UV photochronometer, microbiological lab, pyrogen test facilities.

Library Facilitates

MULTI has its own library in the head office with large range of books and reports related with different aspects of development written by national and international experts. The library has numerous reports related with urban development prepared by the organization itself and by Gos, INGOs and NGOs. The library is acilitated with full time librarian and modern equipment like computerized catalogue, photocopier etc.

FIDIC Document

  • Engineering Reference Books
  • Journals and Magazines
  • Project Reports
  • WB Document
  • ADB Document
  • National Data
  • * Population
  • * Hydrology
  • * Surface Water
  • * Traffic Data
  • * Service Data

Interested professional may use the library facilities by obtaining a membership.

Cods of Practices : IS, NS, BS ISO, DLN, JIS, ACI, IRC