1. Pioneering company initiated by Late Er. Bishnuhari Shrestha, Er. Surya Bhakta Upadhyaya and Mr. Nanda Kumar Jha in 1970 as a moonlight consultant
  2. First kind of Training on Consultancy Management Practices, Professional Performance and quality of service delivery
  3. Lobbied for out sourcing small consultancy services as small water supply and irrigation schemes (Decade of Water Supply and Sanitation , 1975-1985)
  4. Attended survey and design training program conducted by Sunsari Morang irrigation Project funded by the International Development Association, 1975-1976
  5. Fulltime involvement of Er. Narayan Govinda Halwai and Er. Laxman Gopal Rajbhandari, 1980
  6. Elimination of Drawing Board with use of Autocad, 1980
  7. Conducted first ever training program “15 days program on Computer Training for Engineers” with Er. Padma Prasad Khanal as resource person,
  8. Initiated training of Government Officials for use of computer system for Information Management, 1995
  9. Developed the first computer program for preparing “Cost estimates” based on Government Norms for Construction Cost Analysis
  10. Developed draft policy for establishing “Tax deduction at Source” reducing TDS from 15% of contract value to 1.5%, which is currently practiced, 1995
  11. Established the first geotech and material testing laboratory “Multi Lab (P) Ltd in Private Sector
  12. Established the first drugs and food quality testing laboratory “Multi Pharmaceutical Laboratories (P) Ltd” in Private Sector
  13. Established Zero Waste Nepal, a NGO for promoting community initiatives for solid waste management in Nepal,
  14. Established Earthquake Safety Initiatives for creating Earthquake Safer Cities, 1980
  15. Identified “Melamchi Water Supply Scheme” , a gravity system, as only a viable water supply source from outside Kathmandu valley, 1988,
  16. Promoted “Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms” for professional development of consulting engineering sector, 1990
  17. Promoted National Academy for Science and Technology (Dhangadi Enigneering College), the first engineering college outside Kathmandy Valley with an objective to help develop Far Western Region, 2001
  18. Contributed to develop water users participation in Irrigation system management first time in Arjun Khola Irrigation Project in 1997. Today Irrigation Management Transfer from Government agency to WUC is the prime theme of Irrigation Development.
  19. Initiated “National Geotech data Network” for facilitating coordination and sharing information on geotech survey and investigation, 2018