Regular Full Time Staffs

A Name list of regular full time staffs, their qualification and year of working experience are given of in below in table No. 1.3:

List of Regular Full Time Staffs of MULTI

S. No.  Name of Employees Qualification Position in Firm No. of Years Employed Area of Expertise
1. Mr. Badan Lal Nyachhyon M. Sc. Civil, 1971 Managing Director 42 Yrs Project Management, Planning and Implementation
2. Mr. Kishore K. Jha M. Sc. Urban Planning, 2002
B. E. Civil Engineering, 1984
(Director) Urban Planner 28 Yrs Project Management, Infrastructure planning, Social Engineering
3. Mr. Vijay L. Nyachhyon M.Sc. Civil 1997 Working Director 19 Yrs. Bridges and Structures
4. Mr. Deepak Singh Thapa Diploma (Civil Engineering) Working Director 35 Yrs. Project management
5. Mr. Ram Pd. Silwal M. Sc. in Transportation and Road Engineering Highway Engineer


14 Yrs Road and transport
6. Mr. Arun  Sharma M. Sc. in Water Resources Director


28 Yrs Water Resources management and planning
7. Dr. R.K. Poudel Ph.D. in Foundation Engineering, University of Roorkee, India, 1990
M. Sc. in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering,
University of New-Castle Upon Tyne, UK, 1981
Geo Tech Engineer  44 Yrs.  Geo-technical
8.  Madhu Sudan K.C.  Master of science in Geotechnical Engineering IOE, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, 2068. Nepal
B.E in Civil Engineering Degree-Advanced college of Engineering & Management, Kupondole Lalitpur – 2064, Nepal
 Geotechnical Engineer  9 Yrs  Geo-technical
9.  Mr. Devendra Nath Gongal  M. Sc. in Architecture, 1974, Kiev
Post graduate Diploma in Housing, Building and planning, 1981 (Rotterdam)
Urban Planner

(Associate Director)

 40 Yrs.  Urban Planning
10. Mr. Ram Nath Kayastha Post Graduate (Dip.) (Hydraulic Engg. Civil Engineer 40 Yrs Hydrology
11. Mr. Bhagawan Shrestha Master  in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Civil Engineer

Procurement Expert

22 Yrs. Geotechnical, transportation
12. Mr. Bishnu Kumar Pradhan M. E. (Irrigation) Civil Engineer 35 Yrs Irrigation
13. Mr. Sita Ram Majhi B.E. in Civil Engineering from Kharkov, 2000, Ukraine Civil/ Construction Engineer 16 Yrs. Civil Engineering
14. Mr. R.P. Chaurasiya Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Civil, Mysore University, Karnatka, India, 1987. Civil/ Quality Control Engineer 26 Yrs. Civil Engineering
15. Mr. Satya N. Shrestha Bachelor of Civil Engineering – 2007 from Khwopa Engineering College, Bhaktapur, Nepal Civil/ Quality Control Engineer 9 Yrs. Civil Engineering
16. Ruji Rajbhandari Masters in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP), December.  University of New Mexico , USA, 2008 Planning and Architecture Engineer 8 Yrs.

Urban Planner

17. Yogesh Shakya M.Sc. in Environmental Management from School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (SchEMS), Pokhara University, Nepal in 2003-2005. Environmentalist 5 Yrs. Environmentalist
18. Mr. Ujwol C.
M. Sc. (Advanced Photogrammetry
20 Yrs. Advance surveying
19. Mr. ZAKARIA, Amir
M.Sc. in Geology Geologist 2 Yrs. Tunnel works
20. Mr. Binod Shrestha M.Sc. Urban Planning, TU, Pulchowk, 2008 GIS Expert 5 yrs GIS Working
21. Niaz Ahmad M. Sc. programme in Hydropower
development Norwegian University
of Science and Technology NTNU
3 yrs Tunnel/ Civil Engineering
22. Omkar Man
Masters degree in Engineering
Geology (2 year), Asian Institute of
Technology, Bangkok, Thailand,
Geologist 6 Yrs Engineering Geologist
23. Udaya L Shrestha B.E. in Civil (Hon.) from University of Bombay, 1973. Civil/ Quality
5 Yrs Hydro power projects
24. Sagar Tamrakar Masters of Science in Geology,
Central Department of Geology, Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur,
Kathmandu, Nepal, 2003
Geologist 5 Yrs Engineering Geologist
25. Jagadish Gautam B.Sc. from Tribhuvan University, 1974 Senior
5 Yrs Surveying works
26. Pratap Br. Raut M. Sc. in Civil Engineering with
honours from Moscow State
University of Environmental
Engineering with specialization in
Hydro Technical Construction
Sr. Surveyor 3 yrs. Civil Engineering
27. Nirajan Shah B.E. in Civil Engineer IoW 1 yrs. Work under the guidance of ARE
28. Ashish Shrestha Bachelor’s Degree in Civil
Engineering from Purbanchal
University in 2011
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental
Science from Tribhuvan University in 2006
IoW 1 Yrs Civil works, Monitoring
and Evaluation
29.  Jaleshwor Shah Intermediate in Science (B.I.E. Patna) Electrical Engineer 3 Yrs Electrical Engineer
30. Mr. Shib Kumar
Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering Quantity and
Cost Engineer
2 Yrs Civil Engineer
31. Mr. Surendra Raut Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering Quantity and
Cost Engineer
12 Years Building Construction
 32. Mr. D. K. Khadka  Bachelor's Degree in Sociology  Sociologist  12 Years  Social Mobilization and
Economic Analysis
 33. Mr. Padam
 M.A. (Sociology)  Office Manager  20 Yrs.  Office management
 34.  Mr. Binod Pd. Gautam  B.Com.  Sr. Accountant  30 Yrs. Administration work
 35.  Mr. Sadan K
 MBA  Accountant  24 Yrs. Administration work
36. Mrs. Indu Subba BA Office Secretary 20 Yrs. Administration work
37. Mr. Ramesh Bhujel Certificate Level System Manager 20 Yrs. Administration work
38. Mrs. Saraswati
BA Computer Operator 19 Yrs. Administration work
39. Mr. Janak L.
M.A. (Sociology) Assistant Manager 4 Yrs. Solid Waste
40. Ms. Nilam Poudel M.B.A. Computer Operator 4 Yrs. Administration work
41. Mr. Shyam Khavas B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 4 Yrs Estimation, drafting
42. Ms. Jyoti Bhandari B.Arch. Architect 5 Yrs Drafting
43. Ms. Prakriti Niraula B.E. AutoCAD/
Draft Person
1 Yrs Auto CAD Operator/
Draft Person
 44.  Mr. Dinesh
B.E.  Civil Civil
 2 Yrs Drafting
 45.  Mr. Sudeep K. C.   B.E. Civil  Civil
 4 Yrs  Drafting
46. Mr. Suyog
B.E. Civil AutoCAD/
Draft Person
3 Yrs Drafting
47. Mr. Bir Lal Niraula Diploma In Civil Engineering Road
Maintenance Technician
2 Yrs. Civil Sub Engineer
48. Mr. Jeetendra
Diploma in Civil Engineering Inspector of
Work (IoW)
1 yrs Civil Sub Engineer
49. Mr. Yagya Prasad
Diploma in Civil Engineering Sub Asset
2 Yrs. Civil Sub Engineer