MULTI is one of the pioneering consulting companies in Nepal operating since 1970 and registered in May 7, 1978 under the Company Act 2021 of HMG/Nepal. It is dedicated to Nation Building through providing excellent professional performance. During its course of professional services of over 46 years, it has accomplished a large number of very important projects accounted over 433 in number of which many assignments were related to Urban Waste Management such as Solid Waste, Waste Water and infrastructure planning and development. MULTI has had dedicated its efforts for development of strong professionalism and high quality of works, and has played a major role in developing skills for delivery of excellent services to the satisfaction of the Clients. Multi has had dedicated its services for promoting professionalism as one of the founder members of the Society of Consulting A/E Firms (SCAEF) in Nepal and served as its president. It is also registered with ADB, the World Bank, UNDP and ILO.

Vision :
Multi’s Vision is to promote Nepal as a knowledge and skill based intellectual country catering the globe with highly dedicated and value added professional services.

Mission :
Multi’s mission is to enhance the capability of the company to deliver technology based intellectual services for the betterment of life through delivery of quality services in infrastructure development.