List of Resource Persons

The firm has more than 160 resource persons who are specialists in their disciplines and are committed and dedicated to the company for consultation as and when required.

Name List of Resource Personnel

Arun Kumar Mishra B.E, Civil, 1986 Highway Engineer
Madan P. Dhungel M.Sc., (Eng), 1985 Highway Engineer
Nir Lal Moktan B.Sc. Civil Engineer, 1995 EFR Engineer
Prithivi Raj Poudel Master’s Degree (Civil Engineering) Infrastructure Engineer
Rohit K. Shrestha M.E. (Civil Engineering) EFR Engineer
Shiva K. Shrestha M. Sc. (Transportation Eng), UK 1986 EFR/Labor Based Road Expert
Sri Prasad Agrahari M. Tech. Sc., (Bridges) Bridge Engineer
Suman K. Kunwar B.E. (Civil), 1992 EFR Engineer
Tika Ram Panti M. Sc. (Civil). 1992 EFR Engineer


Dr. Prem N. Maskey Ph.D., (Structure) Structural Engineer
Mr. Jitendra Pradhan M. Sc., (Structure), 2002 Structural Engineer
Dr. Rajan Suwal Ph.D., (Structure) Structural Engineer
Mr. Manoj Raj Daibagya M. Sc. (Structure), 2008 Structural Engineer
Mr. Mohan K. Mahaseth M. Eng. (Civil Engineering) Structural Engineer


AM Lal Das M.Sc. (Public Health Engineering) Water Supply and Sanitation
Madan S. Shrestha Masters in Environmental Engineering Water Supply and Sanitation
Ashok K Raut B.Sc. (Civil), 1988 Civil Engineer
Raja R. P. Shrestha M. E. (Civil), 1989 Environmental Management System
Ashok R. Tuladhar M.E., (Civil), 1981 Sanitary Engineer
Devraj Rajbhandari M.S., (Civil), 1985 Civil Engineer
Pradeep Gongal M.Sc., (Hydraulics Engineering), 1986 Hydraulics Engineer`
Pramod Amatya Master in Infrastructure Planning, 1993 Waste Water Engineer


Lokendra P Paudel M.S., (Rural Development) Rural Development Specialist
Raju Dahal MBA and MPA Programme Communications


Dr. Bina Pradhan Ph.D. (Rural Sociology) 1994 Sociologist (Gender Issue)
Bindu Pokharel MA Sociology Gender/Institutional Dev. Specialist
Menuka KC MA Sociology Gender/Institutional Dev. Specialist
Prativa Gautam MA Anthropology, 1984 Gender Specialist
Dr. Puspa Shrestha Ph.D., (Demography) Socio-economist
Sanu M. Shrestha M.A., (Sociology) Sociologist (Gender Issue)
Dr. Vidya L. Shrestha Ph.D. Rural Sociology Gender Integrated Dev. Specialist


Basu Banskota M.A.,(Economics); M.A.,(Sociology) Sociologist
Bimal Pradhananga M.A., (Economics) Economist
Padma Nath Tiwari M.A., (Economics) Institutional Development Specialist
Shyam S. Khadka Ph. D. Rural Sociology Rural Sociologist
Tejeswar B. Gonga M.A., 1983 Sociologist/Rural Development Specialist
Mr. S.M. Chaudhary Master Degree in Agri. Economics Training Management, Planning,
Capacity Building and Institutional Development
Mr. J.R. Lama MBS, TU 2004 Training Management, Planning, Capacity Building and Institutional Development
Mr. C.B. Gurung MA Rural Sociology, B. Sc. Agriculture Training Management, Planning, Capacity Building and Institutional Development
Mr. Basu Dev Neupane Master in Environment and Ecology
Post Graduate Diploma in Social Development
Social Environmental Management


 Lakshmi Kant Jha  M. Sc. Engineering (Water Resources Engineering) Water Resources planning, management and quality control
 Bishnu Kumar Pradhan  M. E. (Irrigation)  Water Resources planning, management and quality control
 Ashutosh Kumar Shukla  M.S. (Agricultural Engineering) Water Resources planning,
management and quality control
 Deo Kant Lav  M. Tech. Soil & Water Engineering  Irrigation Development and Planning
 Gupta M. Sherchan  M. Sc. (Hydro Technical Construction)  Irrigation Development and Planning, Construction Supervision
 Om Prakash Gupta M. Sc. (Hill Area Water Resources Development)  Irrigation Development and Planning, Construction Supervision
Chandan Mal Tater M. Sc. (Irrigation Engineering) Water Resources planning, planning, management and quality control
Badri Narayan Manandhar B.E. in Agriculture from University of Udaipur, Udaipur, India in 1972 Irrigation Water Management/Institutional Development
Dr. Indra Lal Kalu Ph. D. Eng. (Irrigation Management),1991 Irrigation Water Management/Institutional Development
Krishan Kanta Sigdel M.E. (Civil) Irrigation Development and Planning, Construction Supervision
Sanjay K. Mishra M. Sc (Hydraulic Engineering) 2004 Irrigation Survey, Design and Planning
Arun K. Chaudhary M.E., (Irrigation), 1986 Irrigation Engineer
Keshav K. C. M.Sc. (Geology) Ground Water Engineer
Dr. N. M. Shakya Ph.D., Hydro. & Hillslope Flow, 1994 Irrigation Engineer
Nitya Nanda Jha B.E., (Civil), 1981 Irrigation Engineer
Ridhi Narayan Jha M. E. Irrigation Engineering, 1978 Agriculture Engineer
Yuva Raj Adhikary B.E., (Water Resources), 1981 Agro-meteorologist


Dambar B. Tamang M.Sc. Agriculture Agriculture Extension and Management
Vishnu P. Sharma M.S. (Soils) Agriculture Extension and Management
Awadh N. Yadav M. Sc Agri. Systems Agriculture Extension and Management
Dr. Krishna R. Regmi Ph.D. in Agronomy Agriculture Management
Dr. Kiran Raj Joshi Ph. D. (Economics) Agri-economic Analysis and M&E
Shiva K. Upadhyay M.Econ. (Agriculture) Agri-economic Analysis and M&E
Ajoy N. Bajracharya M.S., (Agri Marketing), 1991 Agriculturist
Arjun B. Neupane B.Sc., (Agriculture), 1985 Agronomist
Ashok Shah M.S. (Agronomy) Agriculture Marketing Specialist
Bhadra Bilas Panta M.S. Agronomy, 1977 Agronomist
Bhola M.S. Basnet M.S., (Agro), 1984 Agriculture Extension Specialist
Binod K. Sharma M.Sc., (Agri. Ext.), 1986 Agri-economist
Chandra P. Joshi B.Sc. (Hon.) Agri. Ext. Eco. Soc. Agriculturist
Devaki Shrestha M.Sc. (Agr. Sc., Seed Technology) Agriculturist
Laxman Shah P. G., (Trop Agri.), 1977 Agronomist
Madhav B.Neupane M.S., (Agronomy), 1985 Agronomist
Tika K. Pradhan M.S. Extension Education, 1974 Agriculturist
Prakash Adhikari M.S., (Agri Extension), 1986 Agriculturist
Raghu Adhikari M. Sc. (Agri-Econ.), 1984 Horticultural Specialist
Shiv Narayan Shah B.Sc., (Agri), 1984 Agronomist
Thakur P. Pradhan M.S., (Agriculture) Agri-economist
Thir B. Pandey M.S., (Rural Dev), 1990 Agriculturist
Tulsi Gautam M.S., (Agri Economics), 1987 Agri-economist


Hira Lal Moktan PGD (Ground Water) 1998 Hydro-geologist
Jitendra Ghimire M. Sc., (Engg Geology), 1973 Geotechnical Engineer
Netra Gurung M.E., (Geotechnical), 1988 Geologist
S. B. S. Kansakar B.Sc., (Engineering Geology), 1969 Geologist
Vijay B Shrestha M.E. , 1988, MS-1981 Geotechnical Engineer
Vishnu Dangol, Dr. Ph.D., (Economic Geology) Geologist


Dr. Kiran Bhattarai Ph.D., (Environment) Environmental Management Study
Nar Gopal Rai  M. Sc. (Environment)  Environmental Management Study
 Dr. Anand Raj Joshi  Ph.D., (Environment), 1972  Forestry
 Biju K. Shrestha  M Sc. in Urban Env. Management. 1997  Environmentalist
 Chakra M. Shakya  M.Sc., (Forestry), 1991  Soil Conservation Specialist
 Keshar M Sthapit  M.Sc., (Forest, Soil Conservation)  Environmental Specialist
 Madhukar Upadhyaya  Dip. (Forestry)  Environmental Specialist
 Mukesh Bhattarai  M.Sc., (Environment)  Forester
 Pratap M Shrestha  Dip. (Forestry)  Environmental Specialist
Dr. Sanat K. Dhungel Ph.D., (Wildlife Management/Ecology) Forester
Shashindra L. Singh Dip. (Forestry) Microbiologist
Dr. Shree G. Shah Ph.D. (Ecology), Australia, 1989 Environmentalist/Policy Analyst
Subhadra Jha M.S., (Forest Resource), 1990 Environmental Specialist


Bishnu B. Shrestha M. Sc., UK, 1986, B. Pharmacy, 1970 Pharmaceutical Expert
Dilli Raj Bajracharya M.Sc. in Chemistry, 1980 Microbiologist
Jayabir Karmacharya B. Pharmacy, 1985 Pharmaceutical Expert
Dr. Madan D. Tuladhar Ph. D. Pharmaceutics, UK, 1982 Pharmaceutical Expert
Dr. Shanta Raj Joshi Ph. D. in Planning, UK Pharmaceutical Expert


Aditya Kumar Jha  MPA, 1988  Socio-economist
 Damodar Ghimire  Ph. D.(Economics)  Economist
 Hemant Kumar Dawadi  Ph. D.(Economics)  Socio-economist
 Ishwar Man Shrestha  M. A. (Eco.) 1981  Economist
 Jayanti Shrestha  M.A., (Economics)  Economist
Krishna Rauniyar M.A., (Economics), 1982 Economist
Kusum Shakya MA (Eco), MA (Pop.), MA (Demo) Socio-economist
Laxmi Rai MA (Economics) Socio-economist
Min Bikram Malla MA (Economics), 1995 Junior Economist
Dr. Pitamber B. Chhetri Ph. D.(Economics) Economist
Dr. Pushpa Shrestha Ph. D. (Economics) Socio-economist
Dr. S. L. Bajracharya Ph. D. (Financial Management) Financial Management Specialist
Dr. Shakti K. Shrestha Ph.D., (Ind. Finance), 1991 Economist
Shree R. Pandey M.A., (Economics), 1979 Trade Policy Specialist
Dr. Sidhi G. Shrestha Ph. D. (Agri-economics), 2001-04 Socio-economist
Vallabha Sharma M. Tech. (Economics) Transport Economist
Dr. Vinod K. Shrestha Ph.D., (Trade Policy), 1988 Economist


Damodar L. Shrestha BA, Senior Surveyor’s Training Senior Surveyor
Dumber N. Yadav BA, Senior Surveyor’s Training Senior Surveyor
Krishna B. Malla Remote Sensing Survey Engineer
Narayan Regmi M. Sc. in Mathematics, 1993 Senior Surveyor
Rajendra P. Pandey Post grad. (Photo Gram.) Survey Engineer
Shova Kant Deo PGD (Photogrammetry), 1980 Survey Engineer


S. Shrestha Masters in Environmental Engineering, 1997 Environmental Specialist
Prabhakar Pandit M.A. in Socio-economic Sociologist/Socio-economist
S.L. Pradhananga Postgraduate Diploma in Hydrology, 1994 Hydrologist
K.M.S. Rajbhandari M. Sc. Civil Engineer Civil Engineer
Rupa Parasai Basnet PhD Policy and Legal Expert
Ashok Ratna Tuladhar Master of Engineering – M.E. (Civil), 1981 Solid Waste Management Advisor
Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha  Ph. D. in applied Natural Sciences, 1999. [Specialized in Constructed Wetland (CW) – Reed Bed Technology for Wastewater Treatment]  Solid Waste Management Specialist
 Kishor Kafle Master in Sociology, TU, 2001
Master Degree in Business Administration, TU, 2000
 Intuitional Expert
 Kiran Mahat  M.E. in Civil Engineer, 1998  SWM Engineer
 Bharat Maharjan  MSc Research Assistant / SWM Engineer
Yadav Joshi M.E. (Civil),1984 SWM Advisor
K R Mishra Master’s Degree in (Rural) Sociology and Anthropology (M.A.), 1993 SW Sociologist


Suresh Dhoj Shrestha Masters of Engineering with HONORS in “Computer Engineering, Systems and Networks”, 1997 Shrestha IT System Development, Operation & Management and Capacity Building
Sharad Ratna Bajracharya Masters of Engineering in Computer Software Systems, 2002 Project Management Information System
Anish Pradhan  Bachelor of Engineering  Application Development Using Java, J2EE
 Jawahar Lal Amatya  M. Sc. degree in Statistics  GIS Content Writing and Coordination for the Web site NPC GIS (


K.K. Jha M. Sc. (Urban Planning), Department of Architecture, IOE, TU, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2000 Urban Planner/ Architect
Suman Mehar Shrestha M. Sc. Degree in Geo-information Management, 2007
M. Sc. Degree in Urban Planning (with Distinction), 2002
Urban Planner/ Architect
Kicha Chitrakar M.Sc. in Urban Planning Urban Planner
Kirti Kusum Joshi PhD in Human-Social Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan, 2007
Research Exchange, Osaka Sangyo University, Japan, 2003
Master of Science in Urban Planning, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 2002
Urban Planner
Devendra N. Gongal M. Arch., 1974 Architect Planner
Durga Devi Maskey M. Arch. 1993 Architect
Sudha Shrestha Master of Science in Urban Planning, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK Urban Planner/ Architect
Binod Shrestha MSC Urban Planning, TU, Pulchowk,
Urban Planner


Binod Shrestha MSC Urban Planning, TU, Pulchowk,
GIS Expert/ Urban Planner
Suman Mehar Shrestha • M. Sc. Degree in Geo-information Management, 2007
• M. Sc. Degree in Urban Planning (with Distinction), 2002
GIS Expert /Urban Planner/ Architect
V.L. Nyachhyon • M. Sc. in Civil and Industrial Engineer, Vladimir State University, Russia. 1997 GIS Expert
Janak B. Bhandari Master Degree in Geography from T. U. Nepal 2064 (B.S). GIS Expert
P.S.S. Pradhan Master of Science in Computer Applications, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand; January 1980 – August 1982 GIS Expert
Sujan Prakash Manandhar M.Sc. in Construction Management Thesis on “Application of GIS in Construction Material Management “2004” GIS Expert


Hari Narayan Ram M.Sc., (Hydropower) Hydropower Engineer
Mohamad Yusuf B.E. (Civil), PG Dip. (Hydropower) Hydropower Engineer
Mohan K Pandey M.S., (Power System), 1985 Electrical Engineer
Narayan Prasad Guragain B.Tech., (Electrical), 1981 Electrical Engineer


Hari N. Malla B.Sc., (Mechanical), 1970 Mechanical Engineer
Rabindra Bhattarai M.Sc., (Mechanical), 1981 Mechanical Engineer
Shivascharan Shakha M.S., (Automobile), 1971 Automobile Engineer
Santoshananda Mishara ME, Mechanical Engineering1968 Mechanical Engineering


Braj Raj Bhandari M.S. Mining Engineer
Dilip Pradhan M.Sc., (Mining Engineering) Mining Engineer
Kiran Karki M.Sc., M. Tech. Mining Engineer


Dr. Piyoush K. Rajendra M.P.H., 1994 Public Health Specialist
Dr. Sawitri Pahari D.T.P.H., 1975 Public Health Specialist
Shreebasta Prasad Shrestha M.P.H., 1978 Public Health Specialist
Srijana Sharma M.A. Public Health Specialist
Dr. Rajya Shree Nyachhyon Kunwar Medical Doctor 2004,MPM, 2010 Public Health Specialist


Krishna B. Karki M.S., (Soil Science) Soil Scientist
Subhash N. Vaidya M.Sc., (Soil Science), 1972 Soil Scientist