Organization and Structure

MULTI Disciplinary Consultants is an organization of professionals providing consulting services in various aspects of national development as Project Identification, Project Formulation & Appraisal, Survey & Investigation, Feasibility Studies, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Socio-economic Studies and Institutional Studies including Participatory Analysis, Environmental Study, Operation and Maintenance, Data Management & Analysis, Management Improvement, Construction Supervision, Procurement Services and several other disciplines. In recent years, the company has undertaken new ventures to promote projects for international investment in Nepal by encouraging joint-venture companies, and establishment of specialized companies for assurance of the professional services required for fast development of the economy of the country.

At present, the group has more than 61 regular full time staff consisting of Architects, Civil Engineers, Managers, Urban Planners, Socio-economists, IT Specialists, Survey Engineer, Geo-technical Specialist, GIS Specialist, MIS Specialist, Institutional / Community Development Specialists, Programmers and other specialists. The company also has a pool of resource staff consisting of personnel specialists in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, Community and Institutional Development, Finance and Economics, Public Health, Geology and other disciplines.

The Organization chart of the Multi group and the firm is provided in Figure 1.1 and 1.2 respectively.


In recent years, it has endeavored to create a family of professional and dedicated companies to cater various specialized services as described herewith.

The MULTI GROUP of Consulting Firms comprises of following dedicated companies:

MULTI Disciplinary Consultants (P) Ltd.
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The company provides consulting services in infrastructure development.
MULTI Lab (P) Ltd.
A subsidiary of MULTI specialized in Geo-technical Investigation, material research, quality monitoring accreditation of industrial products, providing technical assistance to building material industries, and quality management training.
MULTI Pharmaceutical Laboratories (P) Ltd.
A subsidiary of MULTI, specialized in pharmaceutical quality analytical testing and research of drugs, foods, cosmetics and water and dedicated in development of drug formulation, quality control, plant development and industrial consultancy procurement services, HR Development, herbal research, and Environmental Study.
Dhangadhi Engineering College
A J/V undertaking of MULTI and others, dedicated to the promotion of engineering education in Nepal, and currently providing bachelors degree course in civil engineering and IT.
Zero Waste Nepal –Focal Point
A non-profit non-government organization for application of zero waste concept for reduction of solid waste hazards through awareness building, promotion for segregation of solid waste at home, sending back to it’s sources of origin – recycling market and to nature, imposing disposal ban at public places, and encouraging mass participation to propagate the concept. The concept endorsed by SCAEF, KMC and MLD.
Earthquake Safety Initiatives
A Public Private Partnership for enhancing Earthquake Safety initiatives in Nepal in partnership with NSET, SCAEF, NEA, SONA, NGS, DUDC, IOE, Municipalities and others through institutionalization of Safety enhancing Procedures, strengthening, retrofitting of existing buildings under the leadership of Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology.